Invoke Canon 915 on Rep. Tonko

The Albany Catholic Reporter wants to congratulate Bishop Paprocki on his recent courageous decision to reiterate his stance to deny US Senator Dick Durbin from receiving communion after he voted no on federal legislation that would have ban abortions after 20 weeks.  In a day and age when the episcopate has gone silent on this human rights issue, it is wonderful to see a faithful Shepard take this approach.

This same gumption is not being exercised by our Bishop here in Albany.  Right here in this Diocese, Rep. Paul Tonko, a self-avowed Catholic also voted against this ban in the House of Representatives.  Not a word said by Bishop Ed.

In the past, this publication has lauded Bishop Ed for taking a stance against pro-abortion politicians like NY Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and Albany Mayor Sheehan (Former Hubbard minion and spokesperson) for supporting Planned Parenthood.  We point this out because this publication has been called “divisive” in the past (point taken!)

We respectfully implore Bishop Ed to invoke Canon 915 and withhold reception of Communion to Tonko.  Bishop Ed often implores mercy but isn’t admonishing the sinner an act of mercy?  It would be a wonderful Catholic teaching moment for his flock.  Would he get blow back from the Social Justice Warriors that he employs at the Pastoral Center?  Yes!  Would the Times Useless and the libs there go nutty over it? Yes!

But we politely remind Bishop Ed of his own words from a recent column (11/16/17) in our favorite publication the Evangelist (not really) about his recent trip to Europe and his own Jewish roots and the atrocities his brethren suffered.

“I have come away with a stronger sense of urgency regarding my own responsibility to speak the truth, as my conscience impels me, with charity, even if it be politically risky or its outcome, at best, uncertain. Silence in the face of evil can only be a strategy, not a response: the work of patience awaiting the right time and place to speak, but never an answer in itself.”

Your flock is holding you to your word.   +EBS is this genuine resolve or hollow rhetoric?

As always, I remain your faithful and humble servant,

Martin Malachi


Author: albanycatholicreporter

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