Welcome to our new blog chronicling the trials and travails of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.  For many years, Albany was known as the bastion of “progressive Catholicism” and it certainly lived up to its reputation.  Bishop Emeritus Hubbard weathered many scandals to finally reach his seventy-fifth birthday.  Enter Bishop Scharfenberger who orthodox Catholics hoped would usher in a new era of more traditional worship and governance.  These dreams were dashed quickly when the faithful realized he had no intentions on changing anything and would go along to get along.  Reform starts from the bottom up, in this case the laity will have to take the lead.  This is our hope, to be a beacon of light to the reformers.

Invoke Canon 915 on Rep. Tonko

The Albany Catholic Reporter wants to congratulate Bishop Paprocki on his recent courageous decision to reiterate his stance to deny US Senator Dick Durbin from receiving communion after he voted no on federal legislation that would have ban abortions after 20 weeks.  In a day and age when the episcopate has gone silent on this human rights issue, it is wonderful to see a faithful Shepard take this approach.


This same gumption is not being exercised by our Bishop here in Albany.  Right here in this Diocese, Rep. Paul Tonko, a self-avowed Catholic also voted against this ban in the House of Representatives.  Not a word said by Bishop Ed.

In the past, this publication has lauded Bishop Ed for taking a stance against pro-abortion politicians like NY Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and Albany Mayor Sheehan (Former Hubbard minion and spokesperson) for supporting Planned Parenthood.  We point this out because this publication has been called “divisive” in the past (point taken!)

We respectfully implore Bishop Ed to invoke Canon 915 and withhold reception of Communion to Tonko.  Bishop Ed often implores mercy but isn’t admonishing the sinner an act of mercy?  It would be a wonderful Catholic teaching moment for his flock.  Would he get blow back from the Social Justice Warriors that he employs at the Pastoral Center?  Yes!  Would the Times Useless and the libs there go nutty over it? Yes!

But we politely remind Bishop Ed of his own words from a recent column (11/16/17) in our favorite publication the Evangelist (not really) about his recent trip to Europe and his own Jewish roots and the atrocities his brethren suffered.

“I have come away with a stronger sense of urgency regarding my own responsibility to speak the truth, as my conscience impels me, with charity, even if it be politically risky or its outcome, at best, uncertain. Silence in the face of evil can only be a strategy, not a response: the work of patience awaiting the right time and place to speak, but never an answer in itself.”


Your flock is holding you to your word.   +EBS is this genuine resolve or hollow rhetoric?

As always, I remain your faithful and humble servant,

Martin Malachi

Sanctuary City, Sanctuary Diocese

Folks this is a quick post to show you what the “Professional Catholic” class thinks here in Albany.  Kathy Sheehan the pro-abortion “Catholic” Mayor of Albany went on Fox News to defend her policy of Albany being a “Sanctuary City” (see link).
You ask why this is news?  Well since you ask, Mayor Sheehan was the former spokesperson for Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard (see link).  There’s a shocker!
I’m thinking that Hillary Clinton probably carried the Pastoral Center vote by 99%-1%.  Aren’t you glad you’re forking over the $$$ so that the Liberals in the Chancery can continue the Hubbard agenda?  Oh well, just more Agony in Albany.
Martin Malachi

Albany’s Michael Voris

RickBefore there was Michael Voris there was Rick Field.  In many ways, the Albany Catholic Reporter is a tribute to our good friend Rick.  Rick during the reign of error of the Hubbard years was a staunch defender of the Faith.  Rick was not shy to point out to Bishop Hubbard the many irregularities that were occurring in the Diocese under his watch and at his behest.

Rick is seen by many as a troublemaker but he is a rabble-rouser for Our Lord Jesus and never walks away from his Catholic duty to admonish the sinner.  He also walks the walk and talks the talk.  He is a leader in the local pro-life movement and can be seen rain or shine in front of local abortion mills trying to save babies or at Adoration of Our Blessed Lord in the tabernacle during the wee hours of the morning.  He is also very active in prison ministry to provide mercy to those who have fallen short of God’s law.  Rick is generous with his time and with his money for those in need.

He’s still on the job letting Bishop Ed know where the problems lie in the Diocese.  With his boyish good looks and his Catholic courage to say the unpopular things, Rick is truly the Church Militant.

Ricky, thanks for the inspiration and God speed.


Martin Malachi

Random Items

Many of our numerous fans have asked for us to weigh in on the recent developments in the Diocese of Albany.  First, people are abuzz over the recent Capital Campaign being rolled out by Bishop Ed.  Apparently, Bishop Ed is looking to raise money to “ReIgnite the Faith”.   The good people of the Diocese have dug deep many times to prop up the failed “Evangelization” that 40 North Main has given us.  Bishop Ed, once again is perpetuating a failed bureaucracy by taking the proposed funding and procuring  30 % of it to keep 40 North Main well fed.

If you are having a Capital Campaign why not keep the money in the parishes and the schools that are the “field hospitals” of the Church.  Instead, Bishop Ed is going to confiscate 30% to keep the bureaucracy alive and well.  Peter and Paul were not paid to proclaim the Good News or given the title of “Director of Ecumenical Outreach”!

Save our Churches and Schools not the liberal edifice at the “Pastoral Center”.

Bishop Ed is not comprehending that we are not New York City, we are a working class area except for  the upper crust social justice warriors that preach a faith without the Cross.  People live paycheck to paycheck here and have been soaked by the Hubbardites for many years without any results except  for closed parishes and schools.

Also, people are scratching their heads over  Bishop Ed taking part in a “service” to “Commerorate the Beginning of the Protestant Reformation” on October 22 at the First Lutheran Church in Albany.


Dialogue is good but to acknowledge the heretical movement that tore Christendom in two is another thing.  I am providing our readers a link to the National Catholic Register that will refresh their recollections of this great fissure.

The questions remains, Bishop Ed, have you changed Albany or has Albany changed you?

As always, I remain, your faithful servant,

Martin Malachi


Good For Bishop Ed

The below link is a statement from His Excellency, Bishop Edward Bernard Scharfenberger regarding Planned Parenthood and Catholic Politicians.


We applaud Bishop Ed but also the many of you who have called and written him to prod him to “Be not afraid”.

Our editorial staff has in the past requested your calls to 40 North Main St. to express your dismay about Bishop Ed’s lack of engagement.  Now, we ask that you call to commend him on this happy development.

Good for you Bishop Ed!!!

Martin Malachi



Massive #Fail Bishop Ed

This is absolutely mind blowing.  While Governor Cuomo just a week ago called for abortion “rights” to be codified in the New York State Constitution, Bishop Ed was in our Capitol supporting Cuomo’s Farmers’ Rights Legislation.


How about the rights of the unborn Bishop Ed?  It’s time for people to stop supporting the Diocese of Albany with your money.  Give to Priests for Life, to your local soup kitchen, whatever, but please stop giving $$$$ to these people who run this Diocese and their screwed up sense of priorities.

If you’re so inclined please call Bishop Ed at 518.453.6611 or email him at bishopscharfenberger@rcda.org regarding his lack of commitment to the unborn and willingness to take the easy road.

Hat Tip to Allen John Sr. for providing this article



Open Letter to Bishop Ed

The staff of the Reporter came across a news article that was most disturbing.  The Governor of New York, a “Catholic” called for a constitutional amendment in our State to enshrine abortion on demand as the law for the Empire State and codify the awful Roe vs. Wade decision.


We at the Reporter are not surprised.  Cuomo as his time as Chief Executive of our state has repeatedly called for the expansion of abortion.  What we are dismayed at is the silence of our Bishop on the matter.  The Bishop is never shy about weighing in about immigration but remains silent on the greatest civil rights issue of our time, abortion.



The staff has decided to post an open letter to our Bishop in the hopes he will finally say something to the pro-abortion pols in our state.

Your Excellency:

As you know, once again Governor Cuomo has called for the expansion of abortion, now going so far as to ask for a constitutional amendment to achieve his objective.

During your tenure, you have fell silent on this issue with regard to correcting public officials who pursue an aggressive abortion regime.  It is our opinion that you have abdicated your duty as our spiritual leader in addressing this evil that they are perpetuating.  You often call for mercy; mercy also calls for “admonishing the sinner”.  Is it your intention to allow Mr. Cuomo and other officials to remain in obstinate opposition to God’s law under your watch and allow their aggressive campaign to be waged against our unborn sisters and brothers with barely a word said?

As our Spiritual Leader, we implore you to stand up for the unborn that have no voice.  To this end, we suggest that you pen an editorial opposing this abortion expansion and ask the Times Union to publish it.  We request that you write a correspondence to your flock and have it inserted in every parish bulletin to oppose this unjust campaign the Governor is pursuing.

You have been timid throughout your tenure here but it is never too late to speak on behalf of life.  Be Not Afraid!!!


Martin Malachi